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Weed edibles (aka cannabis edibles, marijuana edibles and THC edibles) are any food item that contains THC.  If you pick a bud off a marijuana plant and eat it, the bud wouldn’t get you high. The lack of intoxication is because the THC isn’t activated. THC gets activated through a process called decarboxylation, where the buds are heated to about 40 degrees celsius a few times over. THC that undergoes decarboxylation then can be infused into any type of food item imaginable to create weed edibles. However, some foods are better than others since some foods will more readily mix with the cannabinoids and have strong flavouring that will mask the bitter taste of the THC. Be sure to join the weed edible Canada community and see why so many cannabis enthusiasts add cannabis edibles to their daily lives. It’s no secret that THC weed edibles in Canada are taking the country by storm.

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What Are Weed Edibles?

Producers make weed edibles by infusing cannabis concentrates into food items. The edibles can be jellies, brownies, cookies, gummies, beverages, and so much more. These delicious treats are for both recreational and medicinal purposes. For the euphoric experience, weed edibles are packed with a high THC content, whereas for medicinal purposes, these contain higher CBD content.

Weed edibles are gaining global popularity due to cannabis legalization. This method of consuming cannabis is desirable to those who don’t like lighting up cigarettes or joints. Weed edibles are discreet, and you can consume them anywhere and anytime because they are your favourite snacks or dishes infused with the cannabinoid of your choice. It’s also a great alternative to inhaling carcinogens via joints or cigarettes, making it quite popular among the newer generation.

Weed edibles, however, take longer to kick in when it comes to the effects. Unlike joints, concentrates, or any other method of consuming cannabis, weed edibles can take as much as 1-2 hours to start showing their effects. This slow start is because edibles absorb into the bloodstream more slowly. The cannabinoid content in weed edibles must first be digested and processed in the liver before being transported into the bloodstream. The liver converts THC into a more potent compound that makes its way towards the brain. This process is dependent on the consumer’s metabolic rate and can take 20 minutes for some to go through this entire process, while others may not be able to feel the effects for up to two hours due to their slow metabolic rate.

Edible Dosage

The potency of weed edibles is usually indicated in the milligrams of THC or CBD, unlike the marijuana flowers or concentrates that contain the percentage of cannabinoid strength. For example, if an entire chocolate bar contains 50 milligrams of THC, the desired dosage is about 5 milligrams. The chocolate bar can be divided into ten pieces, each having 5 milligrams per serving. This division provides the consumer with almost the exact required amount of THC or CBD.

Cannabis edibles may also affect newcomers differently than oldtimers, especially when it comes to tolerance. It is recommended for newcomers to start their edible experience off with a tiny amount of 1-5 milligrams as this will provide the high they seek without experiencing any side effects. They must wait for at least 24 hours after consuming 5 milligrams and then slowly and gradually increase their dose by 2.5 milligrams or 5 milligrams every 24 hours.