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Buy liberty caps mushroom in the US, The psilocybe semilanceata, aka liberty caps, is a prized mushroom that everyone seems to love.

The psilocybe semilanceata’s grow around the world in temperate climates in grasslands where sheep, horses and cows graze. Also on lawns that are taken care of and fertilized with manure.

Although this mushroom does not grow directly on the dung, but the dung enriched soil with sedge grass is where it is found. Usually at the outer edge base of clumps of grass.

As well these liberty cap shrooms grow in many places in the world and this author personally enjoyed a wonderful mushroom hunting experience in the northern Pyrenees mountains of Spain and France to find these prized mushrooms along with psilocybe hispanica.

Typically liberty cap mushrooms are found in the fall before the first hard freeze comes, but some places in the world they can found in late spring.

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There is also a rare orange variety of psilocybe semilanceatas that grows in Spain and the PNW USA.

There is a couple pictures of this orange strain in our gallery.

The semi’s grow in the same region psilocybe hispanica, Buy liberty caps mushroom is found in the Pyrenees mountains and they grow right next to each other like in this picture.

As well liberty caps grow along side psilocybe Gallaeciae in Galicae Spain.

Although semilanceatas do not grow directly out of dung, they do grow from the dung enriched soil below and through the dung when fresh. The dung acts like a casing soil and provides shade and holds in moisture.

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